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Street Vault Leuven


For the 7th year running, our street vault will take place as part of TOFSPORTNACHT LEUVEN. The previous editions of this competition have shown it to be a great event for the athletes as well as for the spectators. Due to the unique location, great audience and the music supporting the athletes, this event gathers a larger crowd year by year.

Renowned national and international athletes sign up for this OFFICIAL COMPETITION every year. The women's meeting record is still held by the great Naroa Agirre with 4m34. Last year, Carlo Paech jumped the men's meeting record with 5m61.

We have all kinds of 'goodies' to support our athletes:

  • Prize Money (€500 - €350 - €200 - €100)
  • Bonuses (BR: €250 - MR: €150)
  • Personal Music
  • Sleep Accommodation

Contact Steven Taeleman or Jonas De Meyer for information or registration.

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